Mario Strikers Battle League Reveal Trailer | Nintendo Direct February 2022

Mario Strikers is back! In this new game, you’ll be able to join online clubs of up to 20 players. Mario Strikers Battle League is set to release on June 10th.


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  1. When I was in Syria me and my old childhood friend played this game like crazy. I remember I got clapped by him every single time but we still loved playing it. After the civil war and all we split apart and we added each other on social media again and caught up briefly. When I saw this trailer on tik tok I thought of him and our memories together. Today he hit me up while I was in college and we still got the same energy we did back then. I honestly forgot how impactful this game was to me even though I was god terrible at it ❤️.

  2. They really toned it down, it used to be a little more edgy/violent/cooler. Hyper Strike was a lot more badass when siluhetes went black, eyes had a wicked glow, and you take a shot.

    I'm gonna miss that. But I'm still happy we got Strikers, one less from the Switch Wishlist.

  3. Man I wished they kept the style of 2
    This looks so safe in comparison to the previous games, like they didn't want to make it too edgy like charged, or fast for that matter. it looks so slow in comparison

  4. I know I might sound whiny But I am a bit sceptical about this. Charged was my baby, and the characters just oozed with personality in that one. It was the grittyness, themes, music, and individualities of the characters that drew me in. This game seems a bit… toned down. Both in pacing, and character. I’d at least like to see if Waluigi still has his whip and thornbushes, and Daisy her crystal powers. The only hyper strikes we saw in this announcement was for Mario and Luigi, and they looked very similar to each other, with just flaming eyes. Hope they don’t all look the same..

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