Is Cyberpunk 2077 Finally In The State It Should Be?

Cyberpunk 2077 launches on next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X/S with patch 1.5. Lucy and Jean-Luc dive into if the game is finally in the bug-free and fully playable state it should have been at launch, as well as touch on added features like new…

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  1. If you had a PC, the game was playable from DAY ONE, with a few quest bugs. But with that said, version 1.5 is a smoother experience, slightly better looking, and has enough game re-balance that it made me try it again.

  2. Played this game close to 9 hours. Initially it was buttery smooth. The ps5 version is my first experience with this game. However, the game crashed 3 times. First was out of the blue but the Sasquath boss fight was a hellish experience

  3. Really had fun with it since 1.5, I really hope they keep on improving, perhaps a little bit faster as well. I play it on PC mainly, and I'm just too used to 144fps, so I have to put the graphics way down to try and keep that going (will occasionally dip down to 90/100).

  4. Yep deffinately the state Cyberpunk should be in, the police are amazing. V gets on her motorcycle across the road from the police O Oooh, warrant issued and now being shot at, just for getting on her bike lol, yeah a great state.
    Oh and the shopping is great, V has a couple of weeks to live, yet V can fast forward 24hrs, to search for what they want. Cyberpunk must have no online shopping and ordering then, just keep skipping days.

  5. It's COMPLTELY obvious they knew fine well that it wasn't in a playable state, but released it anyway because they knew they had so many people invested in it and would make lots of money. Perhaps once Witcher was made more people came into the company and there was a greater pressure to reach financial targets at the expense of qaulity, but honestly for taking advantage of people like that I don't think they should be forgiven, and if I play this game i will always have a sour taste in my mouth. Maybe I wouldn't if they made an insane VR multiplayer experience but I doubt that will happen.

  6. It’s typical when american reviewers every sentence end with a word in a higher tone of voice, after a small pause. It’s like so…….. Chandler-ish..

  7. 14 hours in on ps5 version and im LOVING the game! This IS so sad. This is the game we shoud have receiveid on launch. Cyberpunk shoud not be developed for ps4 and xone. Those consoles Just dragged ele development. CDRP made a very bad decision.

  8. This is how it should have released. Honestly I would have been happy if they'd just faced reality and delayed it for a year. Too bad the core game is still only a 7/10. I would have preferred the original rags to riches, silverhand just passed away cbp world advertised in the first few gameplay trailers. Having Keanu sign on when he did really was a double edged sword. It really changed a story that was meant to be V's into Silverhand's story with V just along for the ride. AND missing a very obvious and painfully needed ending option to boot. A true shame.

  9. so glad i waited until the ps5 version comes out, its pretty immersive and sweet, and you basically have almost absolute freedom to accomplish missions as you see fit
    just wished that the NPCs / citizens of night city is more lively and interactive

  10. Yes, but how it is on base PS4 ? Cause, you know, they sold it as a PS4 game (and they're still selling it as such).
    Is it 'at least' decent now ?

  11. Not going to lie, I like the 1.5 patch and makes the game much more immersive. I'm a pc player and I play with several mods that make the gameplay much more enjoyable. I can't even imagine what the console players have had and continue to go through with this game since day 1.

  12. This game is in worse condition than at release… at least on pc… I'll still play the game, but I'm done forever with CDPR as a developer!!

  13. I waited for the next gen update before my 1st playthrough. I love the CP2077 sort of climate and it was extremally painful to resist the urge. I like it, I seriously do like the setting, the world, the dialogues, the experience overall, but it's still not a game I would call great. The people act weird and feel fake, they don't react to the stuff you do sometimes, at some angles the game looks beautiful but at some angles it looks bad. The AI is just daft and annoying. I mean I just see an enormous difference between how Rockstar makes their games (with such attention to detail) and how CDPROJEKT does them. I was hoping to get something like Deus Ex in open world but then again it's not even that in my opinion. I won't complain anymore about waiting years for another RDR or GTA. I can't however imagine the disappointment of people who played this game right after it launched. Overall I enjoy it, but still even now definitely not matching the hype and the expectations.

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