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Horizon Forbidden West Review – One of the Best PS5 Games

Aloy’s journey continues in Horizon Forbidden West, but how does it compare to the 2017 title? Join us on our official review we break down the highs and lows of developer Guerrilla Games’ impressive PS5 title.

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  1. For the first was so boring, got half way through, think it’s just the sandbox element with long necks to open maps makes it repetitive

  2. The Mass Effect-like base is cool but for the rest this game is copy pasted from the first one. Exactly the same game. And of course yet another game that had to copy Breath of the Wild with the damn paraglider. Already 7 or 8 games had copied it and i'm now playing Dying Light 2 which also copied the paraglider. The idea of playing all these games without ideas that just copy things from other games that came out 5 years ago is depressing. And then of course, additional activies like CLEARING REBEL CAMPS. Same as every other triple A game in the industry.

    The only other thing that's just as depressing as that was hearing "my favorite thing is using Aloy's focus to see climbing points"…………..climbing in Horizon is already the most basic thing in the world. Do we really need climbing points to make the game braindead easy? The game practically plays itself at that point. Playstation and From Software are two companies that just automatically get 9s and 9.5s for milking one single basic game formula over and over for a decade.

  3. Good to see a good review. I've seen people give it a 7 because it was "more of the same"….well if they changed it then people would get upset. When its a massive game like this, sometimes it's better off "playing it safe " since there is so much. If it was a short and small world game then ya, changing of gameplay can be good but I don't think horizon forbidden west needed any major game play changes. It works.

  4. PLEASE TELL ME! That there os a ton of new machines that we haven't seen yet (but u have) I hope there is a lot more!!!!!!!
    I am so hyped!!!!

  5. Saving my £ for dedicated PS5 experiences, but will pick this up for £20 in a few months time. Did that with Deathloop and that game surprised me in a good way.

  6. Calling this one of the best PS5 games doesn’t really mean anything because there is barely anything for the PS5 right now that isn’t also on the PS4. This game is on the PS4 too.

  7. Both games are a mess and unplayable after you learn that you can shoot the bow like a machine gun, you dont even have to waste time drawbacks just glitch them to death. 2/10

  8. It would be nice to see more reviews for last gen consoles, as most people haven't been able to get their hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X. Dying Light 2 might for instance be a 9,5 on PS5, but on PS4 it's a buggy and almost unplayable mess. Now, I really loved Horizon Zero Dawn, but it's probably wiser to buy Forbidden West when it actually becomes possible to play it as it should be played, on a PS5. These transitional periods in gaming really suck.

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