Horizon Forbidden West PS4 vs PS5 Graphics Comparison

Horizon Forbidden West is lunching on PS4 and PS5 on February 18th. To see how the two game perform across two generations of gaming hardware, check out our side-by-side comparison.

Horizon Forbidden West by Guerilla Games launches on both PS4…

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  1. Boy i sure would love to play this on a ps5. I finally saved up enough to buy one (at msrp). I refuse to pay $700-800 hundred bucks. So I guess thats not happening anytime soon or maybe ever.

  2. Alot of can’t get a ps5 , worst console generation launch ever nearly a year and half into the cycle and still can’t get hold of one, wait for the slim version (may have no choice )

  3. This ps4 vs Ps5 is Definitely a better difference than what Miles Morales was.
    Miles was Literally the same thing lol
    This is one pretty much the same, but a noticeable difference is the lighting. The lighting on the faces, it’s crazy.

  4. The colors are more vibrant on ps4 in this video. So i prefer that one myself.
    I do have it on the ps4 myself too, and its stunning.
    I have an old non slim, non pro ps4, and it runs amazingly well.
    So great job to my fellow dutch guys Guerilla games!

  5. Not much difference as it is a ps4 game upgraded for ps5… The graphics are still look the same only some small details are change… Even thought i have a ps5 i wouldn't mind to play the ps4 version… Ps4 owners have nothing to jealous of this game of the ps5 version…

  6. Don't know what resolution this was in the PS5 version but i had to turn off 4K mode immediately when playing this on my PS5. Its absurd how unplayable it really is at 30fps.

  7. How you guys keep uploading comparison videos of 4k games in 1080p is baffling to me. It's not an accurate comparison, which makes this entire video a complete waste of time.

  8. Seriously if this new generation is just going to be about PS4 engines with higher frame rate and resolution I’m not having it. Generational changes are about shaders and geometry and global illumination and higher lighting techniques and ray tracing and better texturing and more things on screen and further draw distance ETC ETC. You can’t just upgrade the frame rate and resolution and call it a PS five game I’m getting sick of this generation already.

  9. Wish I just kept my PS4 Pro, upgrading to PS5 is the dumbest thing I done this gen haha. Glad PS4 players get amazing graphics as well but I do feel cheated. £500 for a console that plays same games as good on a PS4.

  10. I'm on ps5 & was curious of how it was on the ps4. It looks great actually, but I'm not really surprised because zero dawn looked fantastic as well on the ps4.
    Ps5 imo looks a tiny bit more sharper & clearer but tbh it's barely noticeable.
    But I will say the vibrations & the way prying open a door makes the ps5 controller back button get more harder to push down is the small touches I love about it.

  11. if the game looks same on both consoles, then why we even need ps5? i don't care about 4k and fast load, as long if both plays exactly same and has same features

  12. I just sold my ps4 and bought a ps5 from a medical student who needed the money.
    It just looks alot better with the framerate even though ps4 still runs impressive.
    I’m guessing its the pro version here

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