Horizon Forbidden West – Everything To Know

After a five-year wait, Horizon Forbidden West is just around the corner. As we prepare for its February 18th release, check out our video rounding up everything we know so far.

00:22 – Plot & Setting
01:43 – Gameplay
04:34 -…

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  1. The game I have been waiting for for a long time I hope they don't dunk this up a lot of games that came out previously all came out half baked

  2. Question.. i have the PS5 and heard if you buy the PS4 version from PS store, then the PS5 upgrade will be free..I bought the PS4 version to save $10, but I dont see where you can upgrade to the PS5 you have to wait til the 18th to be able to upgrade for free or something?

  3. I know some people are still struggling to get a PS5, and as amazing as this game is already shaping up to be, part of me still wishes it was developed exclusively for PS5 so they wouldn't be held back by PS4 hardware. Just imagine how big they could have made the world for example. I'm going to love it either way, but it'll always be a thought.

  4. I am late to the Horizon series. Currently playing Zero Dawn. Blown away by the story and the combat. Cant wait for Forbidden West to hit PCs as well

  5. I ended up getting the game early yesterday. 9 hours in exploring and taking the game all in. This game has lot more than HZD. Y'all definitely gotta but this one.

  6. Played the first one and didn’t really like the story or anything felt kinda slow, but this looks actually amazing gameplay wise and graphics wise. Didn’t finish the first one but should I get the second if I didn’t finsh it??

  7. I asked for some of my holiday from work to be randomly assigned and only just noticed this morning that I have two weeks off starting on Forbidden West’s release day. Beyond hyped

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