Horizon Forbidden West – 10 Combat Tips You Need To Know

Horizon Forbidden West’s frontier can be daunting to newcomers and veterans alike, so we’ve compiled 10 tips to give you the …

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  1. This game is going to consume my life. My regalla edition arrives tomorrow….in the mean time I'm going out to the shop to change the oil in the cars. Then I will no life my night away tomorrow, lol.

  2. Hi there, Ive been playing for a few hours and Im not sure to understand how the resonator works. Does it get charged just fighting or only when you HOLD the attack buttons? Because I can see it clearly charges when holding R2 but I dont think it charges with normal fighting. Also, Ive seen Aloy keeps a lot of abilities from Zero Dawn; on the first game I used a lot a technique which consists on falling on an enemy from "high" altitudes and pressing R1 to make a special attack, is that available from beggining or it has to be unlocked? thanks!!

  3. This games making me feel old. It’s overly complicated compared to the first one. I’m sure I’ll love it long term but as of now it’s a nightmare

  4. Switched to performance and have died way less for what it’s worth. And javelin is awesome, blows armor off like the original slingshot from the first one.

  5. i'm playing on normal difficulty, around level 20, but i STILL find combat very hard. it's so fast and frenetic that even with concentration it's hard to pinpoints attacks in the middle of a battle. also, as of now, my armor and weapons can't do much damage nor absorb much damage so i'm living off of heavy diet of herbal medicine. the game is great so far i just wish combat was a bit more manageable.

  6. Bought all the major releases this month, Horizon is my absolute favorite for many, many reasons and this video gave me a near half dozen more.

  7. At the beginning of the video, when you draw out the arrow, outside of the aiming circle has four lines like x , I cant figure it out how to do that

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