History of Soulsborne Games

To celebrate the launch of From Software’s Elden Ring, we chart the history of the Soulsborne games, from the early success of Demon’s Souls and breakout hit Dark Souls, as well as its sequels, to Bloodborne, a spin-off that is regarded as one of…

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  1. I think Demon Souls remake was very well timed and brought in a lot of new players. It's the perfect entry point as this is arguably the easiest one of the bunch. It definitely brought me back! Just finished DS3 for the first time and now let us praise the sun on the morrow!!

  2. Actually it was Gamespot review of Demon Souls that convinced me to get the game 12 years ago and the rest, as they say, is history.

  3. Never understand why people say "souls Borne games" it's just "souls games" adding borne because of Bloodborne makes no sense it didn't do anything revolutionary and arguably sekiro changed the formula the most but we don't say "soulsbornesekiro games". It's cringy

  4. You can always tell if someone came into the series late , there favourite game will be darksouls 3 and they'll hate darksouls 2 because they have no idea how good the game was when it released for online play

  5. Bloodborne is the only Soulsborne game I've played. I don't play alot of single player games in general though. I started it, got stuck as BSB, and stopped playing. Then like 6 months later something made me really want to go back to it. Suddenly it clicked, and I got hooked.

    It became basically the only game I played until I platinumed it. I never went back and did the DLC though, mainly because I pretty much only play PC now and my PS4 hasn't even been hooked up for months. Can't wait until this evening and get to dive back into a From game.

  6. The beta for dark souls 2 had the graphics intended for the game along with all the dark areas. I was soo disappointed when I bought the game only to find it all became completely downgraded. Such a shame. Decent game but definitely the worst in the series

  7. My bro bought demon's souls.
    I preordered dark souls. They decided to give everyone the tin version of Dark Souls for the preorder. The reason why? the art book that was with it was RUINED. The glue binding the pages were all over the place lol.

    I then became an PC gamer and bought Dark Souls on PC. After that I bought DS II: SoFS, DS III, Sekiro about 2-3 years after their release to get the game and their DLCs..

    I did not buy elden ring. I'll wait 2-3 years for the same reason.

  8. Ds2 sotfs is an amazing game. I mustve beat that thing 20+ times with many different characters. My 2 favorites were my darth maul build and my sephiroth build. I miss those guys…

  9. bloodborne and my favorite weapon of all time the whirligig saw is awesome. I played demon soul back then, but I like the challenge, but it wasn't something I liked playing overall. Why i never got on with the dark soul series. Dragon age is my D&D series.

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