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Gran Turismo 7 | New Gameplay Today (4K)

Join us at the starting line for this 4K preview of Gran Turismo 7 on PS5! We’re showing off new gameplay and discussing all the new modes that both racing fans and newbies will enjoy.

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  1. I can't stand how idiotic that guy sounds it really pissed me off. Like act like an adult and FORZA IS NOTHING if it wasn't because of Grand turismo for your information. Smh.

  2. This game should be call recycle 7 damn everything from the user IU to the HUD to the graphics to ………… fill in the rest.

    This game will sell just cuase is call GT

  3. I'm not a big turismo fan I'm more of an Arcade racer. I'm a big horizon fan.. so you brought the crap, all the wrong 3ppl to comment and discuss iRacing Assetto GT sim racing legends that keep paving the way for our very expensive wheel racing equipment

  4. Forza is the bigger one lol what ???
    Dude shut the f up GT sport series sold more than 85 million copies compered to Forza franchise's number wish is around 19 million .

  5. Is someone going to tell these "Professionals" no Forza has ever sold more than 3m units, and GT Sport itslef sold over 10m units. Or the FACT that the Forza series lifetime sales is 16m, compared to GTs 84m, and it took Forza 11 games to sell 16m, while GT sold 84m in 6 games????

  6. Can't wait for this game. Not only are the visuals incredible but the game itself adding a weather system and day night cycles is awesome. Can't wait to get in my rig again and fire this game up in March.

  7. Forza Motorsport 7 from last gen Xbox looks clearly better than this. How is this PS5 graphics, game looks like crap for such a big production team, disappointed

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