Ghostwire: Tokyo Official 4K Extended Gameplay Breakout

Ghostwire: Tokyo had a deep dive showcase today and with it was an 8 minute display of brand new 4K gameplay. Get a breakdown of your various abilities including different elements of wind, water, fire and more. You’ll get to see various…

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  1. this looks good. But I think they told a lot about the game and story already. I like games where you will only figure things out as you progress.

  2. I honestly think more can be done to integrate the HUD design INTO the game, do away with objective markers or redesign them to actually look like they are a part-of the world. The HUD-less gameplay looks truly fantastic. The HUD ruins the immersion for me. Things like the crosshairs could be IN the game world. Even a more-visual aspect of how the world is seen from the FPS perspective, I would like to see tweaked to a more stylish effect, like a slight fisheye lens. Just want to spread the idea around. Game looks good otherwise.

  3. See Dying light publisher, actually gameplay of your game before it comes out on console. That's when you are confident of your product.

  4. I feel dissapointed a little bit. First trailers introduced the game as mystical horror, but infact this is more like FPS Open World Beat- em- up. And the monsters designs…. Slendermen, The Six from Little Nightmares, typical Japanese schoolgirls and Clocktower's midget's wife with scissors. I saw them all before!

  5. Either Sony cranks up to 11 production of PS5's or they make it available for PC as well.

    Otherwise real life anime girl will get big sad.

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