Ghostwire: Tokyo Deep Dive Gameplay Showcase

Get a look at over 9 minutes of brand new gameplay for Ghost Wire Tokyo, as well as insights from the development team including Shinji Mikami, Kenji Kimura, Masatoshi Yanagi, Reiko Hirashima, Junya Fujii, Suguru Murakoshi, and Tsuyoshi…

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  1. Can't wait for its one year release because maybe I get a ps5 in that time or I play it on my series s which is more likely.

  2. love the style and setting but is it just me who thinks the combat seems to lack impact? Like it won't feel as satisfying as it could be? I still think i will buy it so i hope i'm wrong. It's like a cross between The Darkness, Control & Yakuza.

  3. this game reminds me very much of megaten main series games!
    it's the apocalypse, demons are now living replacing humans, you have a demon helper, and you fight demons.
    but instead of turn based combat, it's FPS style! intersting!

  4. Cool, flashy mage gameplay. Next few months are going to be packed with awesome games, though, so I’ll probably circle back to this one later.

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