Firearms Expert Reacts To MORE Destiny 2 Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down more of the guns from Destiny 2, including The Huckleberry submachine gun, the Sweet Business Minigun, and the conjoined Sturm and Drang…

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  1. I know y’all are hungry for Jonathan to see all the WEIRDER Exotics of Destiny 2, so make sure to throw down some Exotic suggestions in the comments, throw a like on the video, and we will do our best to make it happen 😘

  2. I'd check out Population One or Gun Club on the VR systems. I enjoyed the Hot Dogs VR review and think it's cool to have his input on VR games since he can probably see the mechanics better.

  3. So happy to see you do even more of these! I also greatly appreciate that there is the recognition of when mechanics are fun for gameplay, even if they have no basis in reality – it's an important callout to make and as a game designer, I love to hear it.

  4. Do you make him aware that the users of the weapons are immortal and quickly healed paracausal space magic users that use their will to power the perks of the weapons

  5. A few suggestions for more exotics I'd love to see:

    Leviathan's Breath

    Thorn (Look at the rounds it fires!)
    Le Monarque
    Lord of Wolves
    Sleeper Simulant
    One Thousand Voices
    The Colony
    The Wardcliff Coil
    Tractor Cannon

    Thank you for doing these videos! These are so much fun to see

  6. Any chance you can have him review the Borderland series? All three eras have drastically different weapons and functions. BL1 is the most “grounded in reality” and the rest of the games increasingly breakaway from reality.

  7. So, I never saw this when I used to play D2 but looking at Sturm (the big pistol in the pair iirc) it is, as Jonathan says, an unholy union of MG-42 and C96 but I daresay that the whole ensemble looks a whole lot like a Kel-Tec PLR-16.

  8. He needs to know too that your paracausal character has paracausal strength. So a guardian is stronger than a normal person. A titan helmet weighs so much that it would snap any normal human's neck

  9. I don't think there has been a machine gun in these videos yet, I would love to see what he thinks about some of the stranger MG's that Destiny has (Xenophage, being powered by a bug in a crystal)

  10. to answer the shape of Tommy's Matchbook. It's a sword fish shaped thompson. the guyn is nothing more than a mafia gangsters movie reference. trust me. I farmed it.

  11. Okay, I don't know if there's a specific game to show these, but could you have Jonathan check out the weapons from Ghost In The Shell? Mostly from the Standalone complex series?

  12. still waiting for cruelty squad, despite its, style, most of the weapons are 1 for 1 copies of obscure prototypes of guns. Would love to hear thoughts on them

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