Firearms Expert Breaks Down Iconic Star Wars Weapons – Loadout Extended Chat

From Han Solo’s DL-44 pistol to the Stormtrooper’s E-11 Blaster, the Star Wars universe is full of iconic firearms. In this extended chat from our previous Star Wars episode, Keeper of Firearms & Artillery Jonathan Ferguson breaks down some…

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  1. I shot the British sterling once, words dont describe how terribly awful the gun is. So disappointed as a star wars fan

  2. At 3:16 those look like a piston from the old Revell Visible V8 engine model attached to the side of the magazine. It even came in two pieces on the sprue as well if I’m remembering right.

  3. Its funny how Jonathan mentions Megatron`s pistol form, because it was based on Walther P38, from "Man from U.N.C.L.E" TV series. So famous cartoon pistol is based on another famous TV pistol.

  4. So they used real guns? I though for convenience, they would have just created molds creating plastic / glass fiber guns, that could be mass produced for the sets.

  5. I very much apreciate the trigger discipline nothing more beautiful to see than a trigger that isnt touched when a gun is picked up. 🙂

  6. Pretty nerdy I know this but they’re actually gas cartridges and some component inside the blaster heats up the gas to super high temperatures and launches it

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