Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – Official HD Trailer | Nintendo Direct February 2022

Fire Emblem returns with Fire Emblem Warriors. It’s set in the same universe as Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and is expected to release in June 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.


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  1. Cant believe I hyped myself up just for them to let me down AGAIN.
    Here's to another 2 years with no new main title fire emblem game. Just ridiculous at this point

  2. I preferably would've enjoyed to have the gameplay moreso like Bladestorm since I've always enjoyed battles with armies not just sololing an armies. However, I'm still excited for this nonetheless.

  3. I JUST CAN'T STOP WATCHING THIS VIDEO! All I wanted was for these three to get along in some route, and now will we have a game about that?! (I hope!)

    Unrelated, but Hubert's appearance here is much superior than the pre and post timeskip :O

  4. I remember having so much hype for Three Houses originally(that and my 500+ hours at this point of the game 😅). I can’t say I’m as hyped as I was a for Three Houses but this does make me a little giddy waiting for it’s release

  5. All I want is a new real FE… Warriors games are mostly the sames. You fight bunch of randoms npcs with sometimes some bosses with a low/mid tier plot.

  6. byleth is like – ok i dont like this drama from 4 time loops i create… sothis… lets change this again… and create 5 time loop, to control of all 3 hauses and make peace with less drama and death…

  7. i dont really dig the super cartoonish style of the gameplay of warriors, the fact one person can just toss an entire battalion up in the air is pretty strange to me. I am looking forward to the more fast-paced, one-on-one combat between some of my favorite characters, though, and im excited to return to my favorite fire emblem world, so its not unwelcome. Looking forward to release and proper gameplay!

  8. All I want to know is if this is a canon alternate Route; If yes, it will most likely be a Golden Route, if no, then I'll do it myself and write the Golden Route.

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