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Elden Ring: The Game Informer Cover Companion (40-Minute DEEP DIVE)

Did you get a chance to check out the 18-page cover story on From Software’s Elden Ring? Join Dan Tack and Alex Van Aken for a discussion about 10-hours with the game, diving into various features, mechanics, and details. During the…

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  1. Be advised there are topics that some may consider spoilers in this conversation, so if you’re looking to go into Elden Ring completely unknowing, check out another video instead.

  2. Dan is exactly the type of guy we need to be delivering news to the souls community. You can feel the passion and love for these games, I absolutely love it.

  3. Some people are worried if Elden Ring will live up to the hype. But at this point even if it is disappointing I still want to experience it.

  4. It is…so hard to contain my excitement… I’m trying to keep the hype in check, but I’m failing right now. I feel like I’m saying “Macbeth” at the theater, but… could this truly be “the one”?…

  5. This joker bragging about playing more than anyone else must not have watched all the jokers who cheated to continue playing for months. Haha.

  6. Loathsome Dung Eater. ? am I the only one who thinks the “crystal lizard” things in Elden Ring totally look like dung beetles? They are totally rolling balls of “treasure” like a dung beetle does.

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