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Elden Ring Review – Why It's One Of The Best Games Of All Time

Elden Ring challenged me, captivated me, and enchanted me, an unyielding deluge of discovery and artistic vision unbound. Elden Ring represents a truly amazing combination of various game elements that all come together to create something…

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  1. Funny thing is I was always too intimidated by From Software games and their notorious difficulty. Tried my first one when Bloodborne was free on PS Plus. Didn’t get past the third major boss before giving up 😅 However when Sekiro dropped I couldn’t help but be intrigued and excited because of it having that Japanese/ samurai approach to it. I was extremely surprised when I managed to beat Lord Isshin and felt such a sense of accomplishment! So for him ( the reviewer) to say that Elden Ring has many more options in terms of how you play and conquer the Lands Between then that gives me hope. This is a world I do not want to miss out on 👌🏻💯

  2. This is the difference between games that has been hyped for years and produces what was promised opposed to the opposite, its a damn shame Cyberpunk couldn't get this same praise.

  3. i love how from software has only made one game thats below par for them, that being ds2. and people still love it to death
    they are amazing game developers

  4. I had high expectations but DAMN! Did not expect it to blow up like this. From software has single handedly restored my faith of pre ordering games

  5. Calling it:
    There will be some horrible secret behind this game. It could be the devs being transphobic, or that there's sexual harassment in their workplace. After being blindsided by Metroid: Dread's devs getting cucked out of their recognition, I just K N O W some big and scandalous reveal will happen in relation to this game.

  6. This looks incredible. I can't wait to play it. I also can't wait for the inevitable players who buy into the hype so much they end up disappointing themselves lmfao. I won't be one of those players though. I know I'm going to love this game. After Bloodborne and Sekiro I'm ready for Fromsoftware's Dark Fantasy tendencies to woo me like Bloodborne did with its lore. I hope I like it better but we'll see.

  7. Yet most people can’t play it because it’s overwhelming difficulty and pvp system made to make you rage quit the souls don’t welcome new players and the fans aren’t that much better so how’s a game a masterpiece when some people can’t experience it

  8. You need to clarify in the heading that you are talking about the PC version only here. The console version is an unknown until it launches. They are claiming framerates will be fixed but it seems doubtful based on From Software's total disregard towards patching a game post launch to fix issues.

  9. Keep in mind this reviewer is biased. They've had more game time than any other channel or company. Which means they're probably in cahoodles with fromsoft. I'll wait a bit

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