Elden Ring Review In Progress

From Software’s latest game Elden Ring is a masterpiece of open-world design that places exploration and player agency at the …

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  1. Because of the lack of an in-game log/journal etc, I highly recommend you keep an actual journal of the game. Especially for when you put down the game for any period of time because there's a good chance you'll forget WTH you were doing.

  2. Assuming Botw2 comes out this year, between Forbidden West, Botw 2, and Elden Ring this is going to be a real game awards contest at the end of the year. (Still think Elden will take it tho)

  3. I must need my eyes checked , how did this game get better rating then Halo? Half life ? Like how? The game is good but it's dull. I think I know why and it's deception, the only thing this game has over others is perhaps the combat animation. And since that part is so good it's making people give it a higher score then it deserves

  4. I really was not hyped about this game. Sure, I was gonna get it eventually but eh, I could wait. Bit this review has really sparked what drew me to dark souls in the first place and I absolutely want to play this. The exploration and slow pace and challenging combat is just such a warm feeling for me. Thank you for making me spend money 😛

    But genuinely, really excellent review. Well done.

  5. Imagine Ubitsoft systematically killing the Open World Genre instead of improving on it after dozens of games, then FromSoftware raising it from the dead in one game.

  6. Video game especially in 2022 mean first visual media than gameplay. How all reviewers and YouTubers could so greatly cheated us and give to this game highest grades without all aspects considered, the game on my PS5 on quality looks so bad asis from early PS4 and Xbox One time and it even with perfect animations, story and gameplay system can't be 9 or 10 in 2022. I blame you all that you are helping to create such confusion in graduation of 2022. games quality standards and because of all of you many of us feel very cheated and unlucky. As graphic designer I have need to say this and want to very responsibly all think about next reviews and if someone is uneducated adequately to consider all reviewing aspects and elements please educate yourself gameplay is just little part in game.

  7. this sounds like another game you have to practice for hours to beat one boss. If I want to spend hours practicing something I'm going to do it in real life where it will actually benefit me.

  8. For all of you complaining…it's not difficult it's old-school and actually respects the player and gives him credit that his clever enough to find out everything on his own

  9. Anyone else find it kind of ironic FromSoftware managed to create the most unique open world experience to date? No other game compares. With many releases come praises, but truly, truly Elden Ring sits alone its its own unique category. & I know many companies will look to rip off this formula in the future after seeing how expertly it can be done.

  10. The game looks soo bad on my PS5 out of all next gen standards and expectations, Demons Souls for PS5 is far better looking, can't stand Elden Ring's look especially buildings and it's repetitive textures and proportions as person from art school trained for viewing cant look at it 5-6 minutes, start it and must turn off that ugliest popular game I'm feeling CHEATED by uneducated YouTubers and reviewers which do not respect 2022 standards and our free time

  11. im on my 2nd disc on the ps4 & both discs wont even load on my ps4 , they both just show up as "disc unrecognized",., all the rest of my ps4 discs play just fine ,.,. i just send it back & i'll wait for the price to drop on

  12. Great review…very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun 🙂 Do people even read manuals anymore though…lol. Great job on your video 🙂

  13. Not one mention of the horrific PC performance when that’s the review platform. Since when did it become acceptable to review a game on an artistic and gameplay basis alone while completely ignoring (and consequently forgiving) fundamentally unacceptable technical shortcomings. Basic technical competence should be the bare minimum for any game. When it runs as intended this is a great game but giving it a ten without even a mention of the performance issues is unacceptable. You’re reviewing a game not some arthouse indie film.

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