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Elden Ring Review And Ben Reeves Says Goodbye | GI Show

Today’s new episode of The Game Informer Show is bursting with everything you need to know about Elden Ring as we discuss why we think developer FromSoftware’s latest adventure lives up to the hype.

That’s not all though, as we’re also wishing…

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  1. Other games like assassin's creed have been bashed for having missions that are too hard (higher level) so you have to go explore and do side missions to raise your level before going back to the mission but elden ring gets praised for it. Saying if an encounter is too hard you can go do side missions for 15 hours. Why is there so drastic of a double standard?

  2. Benjamin reeves is by far the funniest guy in gaming industry. Next to tim shafer . U made me laugh for years sir . Thank you for all your hard work and dedication sir

  3. Ben Reeves has one of the most unique voices at GI and I'm grateful for getting to hear him on this show and on Replay for years and years. XCOM 3: Kevin's Back Jack is on the way!

  4. When you review something, it has to be in it's current condition… and Elden Ring lacks polish. There's jank. Also, some of the design choices are flawed. The text also hasn't been completely made universal (platform wise, as it contains console centric verbiage). It needed more time.

    Also, is anyone else going to discuss the outdated graphics? Does any of this boiled down hoopla impact your enjoyment of the title? It doesn't have to… but the blanket 10/10s and the review/critque industry in general (across topics – gaming, music, movies, books, et al) is inherently flawed – and like most things – most of it is bad.

    Typing of which, nothing screams immersion and joy more than the first, and subsequently every other, message from other players being a variation of "finger" and "butt h*le" – or just something stupid. While people were stupid there, too (as people are wont to be), Death Stranding is the game that has, to date, done this best.

  5. My favorite episode of the GI Show EVER, since it marks the end of Ben Reeves’ time at the company. He’s the most pretentious, unfunny, in gaming. He’s right up there with guys like Brian Altano, Collin Moriarty and Max Scoville as faces on gaming’s Mount Douchemore.

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