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In today’s episode of GameSpot News, Persia talks about Elden Ring losing PS5 saves, Steam Deck 2 already being discussed, and more.

In a message posted February 25, Bandai Namco said there were several “main items to be revised” in Elden…

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  1. Elden Ring on PC is horrible right now, I defeated two bosses without being able to see them imagine that…Tons of NPC's are invisible even the mount is inivisible but when you get a closer camera look they show up again, it's the worst port they could've given us.

  2. I played Elden ring for 12 hrs, then my system crashed. Deleted my save file. This was on ps4 however. Now I can't even get through the char creation before it crashed my ps4. Anyone else with this issue?

  3. Lost my save as well in Elden rings so heated as it was nothing I did my Ps5 malfunctioned and 12 hours of my life and intently playing down the drain. but it was displaying the saving icon

  4. Just lost 10 plus hours of gameplay I dont even want to play now have to re do so much. My playstation goes to rest mode after an hour and half so I know it didnt go to rest mode as I was only away for 20 mins. Must of been a error

  5. Playing on Xbox – I lost 12 hours of progress today. Went from 82 overall to 57. This is HORRIBLE! It won’t even let me play the lower save they gave me now. This game is unplayable…

  6. Im stuck at level 29 because the game freezes at the loading screen ?…all that work for I have to start all the way over ?…It took forever to just get to lvl 29 ?

  7. This game causes my whole Ps5 system to shut down and will not turn back on unless the power cord is unplugged and plugged back in. Even manual saves can’t save my progress. I’m super sad I can’t go any further than the church if iritth. Idk what to do.

  8. I'm 33 hours in the game, level 65 i think, I have not seen any problem so far, no lags, only minor bugs, and I mean minor, like golems sinking through the ground when they fall, and only sometimes! I played dark souls, dark souls 3, bloodborne and sekiro (skipped dark souls 2), this game deserves 10/10, it's phenomenal, one of the best games I have ever played!

  9. Happened to me on pc. I was level 50 ish and played for around 6 hours today and lost all of it for no reason. Worst part it is i always use quit and save feature so i have no clue why this happened. Probably wont play for a while. so messed up

  10. I play on xbox one… and everytime i go back to elden ring i have lost like 10hours… i log off right and it always Happen again. Funny is that i still have the archivements left… yay

  11. Bruhhh…this just happened to me on xb…

    I killed 4 bosses…took a good 4+ hrs or so and went to bed. I can't believe I just lost all those progress and I even exited the game correctly?

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