Elden Ring Liurnia of the Lakes Gameplay

Elden Ring is coming in just a couple short days! Until then, we have more Elden Ring gameplay to satiate your appetite. In this dose of Elden Ring Footage, Dave brings you Liurnia of the Lake exploration, the Academy Gate Town, a couple…

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  1. The graphics look dated but the gameplay and artdirection is pretty solid. I started playing it today as the pre-order arrived. Until now the game is a solid 8.

  2. I've always struggled with the souls games, not difficulty, but worse than cod for repetitive as in boss, dodge roll attack, dodge, roll, attack, dodge roll, attack.

    Is this the same, if not I might look into it.

  3. Just looks like more dark souls. Which is fine I guess but was hoping for something a little more adventurous and out of Fromsofts comfort zone. We got Sekiro when they did that and man was Sekiro good.

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