Elden Ring Golden Seeds Guide: Where to Find 25

Golden Seeds are vital items you can find in Elden Ring. You can use Golden Seeds to upgrade your Flasks of Tears and give them more charges. You’ll find these Golden Seeds scattered across the Lands Between, throughout Limgrave, Liurnia, Caelid,…

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  1. As with most games nowadays a game like this requires an exorbitant amount of game time of which time is not much of luxury I have. ☹️

  2. So I keep seeing alot of misinformation on guides about the spirit tuner. I haven't defeated godrick and literally just got the item from inside the castle. She's already at round table hold for me. While I don't know what I did to get her there, she arrived at the roundtable before I had even killed Margit. Now that I have the item from the castle I can't give it to her.

  3. Do I loose Golden Seeds in the game? I collected one in Stormveil Castle right before Godrick. After the fight I wanted to upgrade the flusk and the seed wasnt in my inventory

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