Elden Ring – Everything To Know

FromSoftware’s latest game, Elden Ring, releases on February 25, 2022. The upcoming game from the creators of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro will feature a brand new open world, and plenty of other gameplay features both new and familiar to…

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  1. If it's as hard as Dark Souls, I'm not interested. I play games to have fun, not get stressed out. So far, I'm having a blast with Horizon Forbidden West. Has the magic balance of difficulty, combat and exploration. I'm really enjoying leveling up my character. I fear that in Elden Ring, I'd keep losing all my character development because of the constant dying.

  2. That spectral steed seems like it was taken directly from the Skeleton Knight in Berserk! I wonder of George R Martin is a Berserk fan?

  3. I feel that Elden Ring will be both the easiest and hardest Souls like game so far. Not cause of difficulty. In terms of making things easier, just that it gives you more ways and tools to get the job done. But dials up the challenge abit more to balance things out. I feel that the Original games were too challenging for me cause of their linear nature and more based on pure skill etc. While this game, is basically the first of the series to branch out and try and welcome many other types of players new to the franchise but in a more accessible way than many games before did. Ive never pre ordered a souls game before. But im taking a chance with Elden Ring. This game has turned someone like me, who absolutely HATED souls games, into someone who is willing to finally give it a shot.

  4. I’m that weird type of player where I absolutely LOVE Souls borne games but I am ABSOLUTELY Terrible at Souls Bourne games..

    Most of em im in world 1 and can’t make it to or past the 2nd boss. But I love it.

    I want to pick this up but at this point what’s the point? I’m basically spending 70$ on Demos haha

  5. Never played any game from this company. Is this mostly single play? Are dungeons group play with dedicated rolls ie. Tank, Healer, DPS or is it just hack and slash and is there an end game ie. Trials/Raids. Is this more like a Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowwind type game or an Elder Scrolls Online game?

  6. I have to be honest..I'm new to this type of game and I just have a question…Will this game be too hard for me? To me there is nothing worse in a game then battling a boss for an hour or two because you can't beat it. I tend to get frustrated..I really wish this game has levels of difficulty. Anyway, do you all think this game will be too difficult for a new comer?

  7. When you say “crafting is new to Elden ring” , or“This is new to elden ring “, perhaps you mean new to “Souls” games. This stuff isn’t new to Elden ring since it’s developed for it, and isn’t an add on or update.

  8. There should be a difficulty setting that removes the Respawn Statues. I think that would add difficulty as well as make the game behave closer to previous titles.

    Not that this is a major issue to me but I have been seeing some complaints about it.

  9. refunded after 30 mins. can't play this game on pc if you don't have a 3080 / 6800XT. Constant frame drops.. and still after 5 games they still can't offer proper keyboard support. I'm sure the game is a "masterpiece" but I find it impossible to enjoy it in its current state.

  10. Played it, got out of the tutorial and there’s literally no quest objectives or anything. Game gives no guidance. May end up watching some videos to see what other people do, but kinda lost interest

  11. We are happy that Bethesda can finally continue with new engine realistic next gen visuals and animations and everything what we deserve in 2022 and now on Elden Ring uneducated YouTubers and reviewers with such big score not considering all aspects and elements for marking it among other heavy invested and made with great knowledge 2022 games gave developers totally wrong message that we can tolerate old way from 2012 style. NEVER we are CHEATED and this is not forgettable for 2022 game level of experience visual above gameplay because it is first and the most impressive contact with media

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