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Elden Ring Cover Story And Dying Light 2 Review | GI Show

Join us for one of the biggest GI Shows of the year! On today’s podcast, we’re breaking down our exclusive hands-on time with Elden Ring (no spoilers) and our review impressions of Dying Light 2!

Check out the timestamps below to jump to a…

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  1. Love the difficulty reminds me of gaming when I was a kid you’d did then retry figure out enemy placements and moves just like when u was a kid, and that’s why there so fun..

  2. I think the biggest reason why From games are so exciting, satisfying and suspenseful (to the point that after playing them, other games start to feel a bit boring) is that they are so punishing and require you to learn how to beat different types of enemies and memorize the level layouts, BUT ONLY AFTER YOU LEARN THE BASICS and accept that the progress in these games is slower than in other games and you have to be more careful when approaching enemies (or avoid them entirely). Especially for new players the learning curve is very steep because the games do not hold your hand at all which makes the games confusing and you can easily end up feeling that the game is just unfairly punishing you and not letting you progress. Bloodborne was my first From game and I HATED the first 4-5 hours because my progress was so slow and even after beating the game I was mostly happy that it was over. Only after playing Dark Souls Remastered I fell in love with Bloodborne. Once you figure out one of these games, the others become easier as well (unless you're summoning other players at every step of the game).

    SoulsBorne games are some of the best games ever made but they are so hard to recommend to other people because I think they require more than average commitment and practice before they stop being too punishing. Pretty much anybody who plays video games can beat these games but it takes some trial and error and probably watching some guides to get into the flow.

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