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Elden Ring Beginner's Guide: 9 Essential Tips For New Players

Elden Ring is the largest From Software game to date, certainly the studio’s best work, and full of secrets and challenges around literally every corner. I understand how intimidating the renowned developer’s releases are to a newcomer, so…

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  1. I’ve gotten you guys magazines since I was a kid I’ve literally grown up with you people & seeing this was like a walk down memory lane keep it up

  2. A game has never made me so paranoid to go near anything as this one has. It is hard. Potential death hiding behind every rock. Not knowing what I'm doing isn't helping matters. I can usually feel my way through games, but not this one. Need to take a semester of classes to improve I think.

  3. I think another good tip to add is to listen to (some of) the player left messages, cus they can really save you from an avoidable death, unless the messages are telling you too jump off a cliff, or open a trapped chest

  4. Played 6 hours…. 4 of which I spent trying to beat the first stone seal area. Other 2 I spent traveling the land and visited 2 of the trees and was on my way to the big one.

  5. Something i havent really seen anyone do in any videos, if you use L1 and L2 during mounted combat, you will attack enemies on your left side. It is quite helpful.

  6. No offence to Game Informer that made brilliant videos but my best advice is to not watch any tips and tricks and just to experience the game how intended blind

  7. I’m a complete noob when it comes to DS games – I’ve never played one before. Decided to pick vagabond for my first ever character, and I’m already regretting it

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