Elden Ring Beginner's Guide: 9 Early Game Tips

The Lands Between can be daunting for new players, so here is our beginner’s guide for From Software’s Elden Ring, including …

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  1. Hahaha i never use items in rpg for the same reason… I might need this later… Even weapons in resident evil, i tell myself i might need this later and never use it

  2. back in the days, when i killed boss and got their soul, i always grinded the number of souls the boss soul would have given to me just to keep the boss soul in my bag and not feel guilty like i'm missing souls
    I know that pretty weird but I must not be the only one to have done this
    or am I? :X

  3. The controls are weird.. I stopped counting how many times I have used a flask or something else, because I press the square button to attack… I have consumed thing I didn't even know what was

  4. The game looks soo bad on my PS5 out of all next gen standards and expectations, Demons Souls for PS5 is far better looking, can't stand Elden Ring's look especially buildings and it's repetitive textures and proportions as person from art school trained for viewing cant look at it 5-6 minutes, start it and must turn off that ugliest popular game I'm feeling cheated by uneducated YouTubers and reviewers which do not respect 2022 standards and our free time

  5. I have never played any of the souls games (I usually stay away from games that people claim are hard) but i really want to play Elden Ring but i got some questions:

    1. Will summoning the spirits make the game less challenging for me?

    2. Can I summon spirits at every boss battle?

    3. Can i request for help from an online player at every boss battle or that feature is reserved for specific boss battles

  6. The best tip for someone who hasn’t played a FS game…skip it. There’s zero direction, it’s incredibly difficult, and if you don’t like it the fanbois will yell at you from their parent’s basement.

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