Dying Light 2 Stay Human Review In Progress

Techland’s undead sequel Dying Light 2 improves upon the strongest element of its predecessor, but things like story and characters drag it down.


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  1. What a shame that there isn't any NFT integration into this game… The underlying technology could make this game so MUCH better. Hard pass.

  2. 6? That feels like a reach. Just because of a mediocre story? Most ppl would give DL1 a 9 just because of the gameplay, and this looks like a much improved version of that

  3. It's crazy to me that no game has managed to match or improve on Mirror's Edge's parkour. The sense of momentum and grounded-ness in the world isn't close to DL1 and this doesn't look better

  4. I honestly like the cheesy voice lines from some of the side characters in the first game. They make them sound more realistic and just your average human.

  5. Okay you not making use of the other combat abilities presented in a game that creates scenarios where you can be as creative as possible in that venue is strictly on you and not on the game.

  6. Actually quite a fair review, appreciate the honesty! I think as many people have said, a lot of these problems (i.e bad story, v/o work) were apparent in the first game, so hopefully if the parkour, combat and leveling/loot system is good, I'll quite enjoy it!

  7. let's be honest here most people don't care about the story and instead focus on game play, good or bad its too late to regret it I already pre-ordered it, if its good then I'll continue to enjoy it, if its bad then it'll sit in my ps library just like cyberpunk and anthem.

  8. I figured that they were wasting their time putting so much into the story. As long as the gameplay is more of the same but with more cool stuff then I'm good. I could tell just by looking at dying light 1 that I wasn't getting mass effect 2 or metal gear solid with the story…just wanted to have fun and I skipped most dialog. Is the game more arcade like and silly than the first game? I think it was at just the right spot without breaking immersion but I don't want it too crazy.

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