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Dying Light 2 Review – A Sequel Bigger & Better In Almost Every Way

Techland has crafted a monster of a sequel that is bigger and better in almost every way. Enjoy our Dying Light 2 review.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human blends the terrors of horror games with the strife of life to create one of the most entertaining…

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  1. Ahhh, I can’t decide what game to tackle first! There’s no way im pushing through this before HorizonFW and Elden Ring. What a ridiculously awesome month for gaming.

  2. The gamers need this we've been f*cked over way too many times the last few years with call of duty, battlefield and cyberpunk being let downs, I'm glad to see these devs took their time and kept their word!

  3. By the controls it seems that you have played the game on PS5, how were the graphics and stability in your opinion (If playing performance mode at 60 fps)?

    And by the way, thanks for the sincere review!

  4. Find it a little odd there was no mention of any of the bugs that seem rampant in this game. Is there a reason to omit information almost every other review has talked about?

  5. This review sounds pretty paid off. Especially from a company owned by GAMESTOP. Every review has been saying this game is “good” but not GI. Apparently every aspect of this game is amazing. GI needs to clean that brown nose. ? ?

  6. I'm sorry, but we gotta make it a fucking law or something for reviewers to HAVE to mention the game's optimisation and polish. There's no reasonable way to call this game an improvement when it's a rerun of Cyberpunk 2077's launch.

  7. Ahh man why did you have to ruin this game and show so much footage, when I wanted to go in blind? ??? p.s I’m being super sarcastic, after all the negative remarks about your channels Elden Ring coverage!! ?

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