Dying Light 2 Final Review

Techland’s undead sequel Dying Light 2 improves upon the strongest element of its predecessor, but things like story and …

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  1. If until this point you’ve only played the first one the beginning of the game will be annoying and might seem too hard or complicated, but once you learn combat moves and how to parkour well it’s such a good game, the combat is fun, parkour is amazing, the story was good. Just gave you a better review of the game guys 8/10

  2. I'd give it more like 7 or 7.5 out of 10. The story is ok. And you can just skip dialogue if you want. But the gameplay is really fun especially once you raise your stamina and unlock some parkour moves

  3. it definitely has problems like once i beat the game i din't know what to do i din't want grind hollows or stores because it din't feel rewarding the weapons don't look cool like i remember i was doing a quarantine zone in the original and i found this badass balanced longsword which was cooler then anything i found in 2 still a pretty ok game but the original is better in my opinion.

  4. You are one of the lucky ones…there is a bug on the 4th main mission "the only way out" when you find Hubert Kerbatsos and it keeps saying "please wait". Can't continue the game. Shameful.

  5. In my opinion, Dying Light 2’s story seems mediocre but at least entertaining. The parkour is 100% way better than the last game. I love the combat when it actually works. But honestly, this game seems like a 8.5/10to me. It’s a refreshing experience to play after all the other bs that has been going on in the gaming industry. You will love this game if you’ve played the original fully.

  6. Poor review focusing on some very small factors, game is easily an 8 to 8.5 out of 10. I personally enjoyed the story and this game is far more polished then say other games that Gamespot has reviewed in the past and given a higher score.

  7. Great review, although praising Farcry's "fun" stealth gameplay made it less credible for me. I just played FC6. I liked it but it was also terribly monotonous: go to location, and headshot everyone, then repeat. I'm sincerely loving this game so far. I'm literally doing the side quests cause I'm scared to do the main ones and finishing the game too quick. Too bad for the voice acting and story :[ but I'm loving this!

  8. Story wise i somewhat kind of hate it only for the fact it was nowhere i thought the game waa going to head, in my personal opinion, but man the parkour, the indoor areas of the building, the infected, looting (imo) its all just so much fun thank you techland for creating a game made with love and passion, and not a cash grab ❤

  9. I really enjoyed the early and mid games, but it didn't keep up at the end game. Oppositely, the more I progressed, the more I found myself hate the game.

    The difficulty scaling after the epilogue may be the worst scaling system I've ever experienced. Enemies are scaled to your level (in my case, level 8) while the common loots remain at level 6, with which you will struggle fighting even the weakest infested, let along the game added more enemies that can knock you down. Plus, you can't turn it off.

    Movement feels good at first, but when you unlock more moves, the control become complicated in a bad way, there are too many moves sharing the same button that can overwrite each other and some just don't work as intended.

    Combat feels strange enough that they think force camera movement is a good idea because human enemies are constantly pushing you around, stronger ones keeping knocking you down and runners love forcing you to turn around.

  10. At least an 8 for me, this game ain’t so bad. Really a 6 tho and you still go back and play after the game is done sounds like you having a good time.

  11. Tbh the story isnt as bad as what many people are making it out to be. I really liked it and a story like this is to be expected from a free roam game.

  12. Didn't you give cyberpunk 2077 a disappointing 7? And yet you give Dying Light 2 a 6? This is why it's best to just watch these reviews and then just go with your instincts.

  13. Game constantly freezes up randomly anytime anywhere 2 to 25 seconds or so very annoying, think maybe they neglected AMD machines. Literally takes about 8 minutes from trying to start game past prelog to click load game, it's pathetic! AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core, AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Powercolor Red Dragon graphics card, never any issue any game till now .

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