Dying Light 2 Best Bugs And Glitches

Bugs and glitches in games can be annoying, but they can also be hilarious. In this video, we’ve collected some of the best glitches from Dying Light 2: Stay Human.


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  1. Once when i was playing I got sorrounded by a hawler just before daytime and when daytime finally started he just stopped moving and staring at me. And I couldn’t even damage him (he couldn’t attack me neiher) Sorry for my bad english, I’m better talkin in english than texting

  2. I found a game-breaking bug that is halting gameplay completely for me, as every time I respawn or quit and reload my save, it happens over and over again. I unlocked the Central Loop subway station and I try fast-traveling to it, and I basically clip through and fall to my death, over and over and over again.

  3. My game got corrupted I'm not about to replay it just so it happens a second time. Might return it and wait for elden ring instead.

  4. everything despawning on me is a major issue for me now that i’ve beat the epilogue, now i’m forced to make a new game

    edit; i found a way to fix this, just restart the device that’s running dying light 2 (trust me, it’ll work)

  5. 1. Had the audio cutting out/delayed 2. had the kids head going in circles and couldn’t complete the quest 3. zombies would be in WALLS 4. saw a cutscene where pk’s spawned and they were t-posing for a bit before starting their animation 5. Was in a dead state forever (The time I had left to live in the revive state was going behind the bar) only until I just gave up and respawned 6. Revenant just despawned on me and my friend for the GRE Anomaly 7. Friend floats in air when unlocking chests and military rear truck doors 8. Animation for zip lines that are unlocked by a friend but not the main player themselves will experience said friend t-bagging across the imaginary zip line they unlocked in their world but not yours 9. Super Unoptimized (for me at least, RX580) 10. Dialogue not in sync, as well as grunting noises which don’t have a sound then you hear it about 2 mins later 11. Zombies phase in and out of reality sometimes but rarely 12. New bug where if you play for about two hours and anymore will cause fps drop after about two hours. Will post more if there is more

  6. Do NOT buy the serial shot skill for the bow! If you're trying to make a bow class or just want to use the bow at all, buying this skill will literally not let you land headshots with a bow anymore.. must be a bug of some sort. The only way you can land headshots after buying it is to fire like a half cocked shot bc if drawn back all the way it will auto lock to the chest everytime. Unless the zombie is bent over by chance.. This is happening to me on series x btw. Cant speak for other systems. Hopefully someone will read this before they make the same mistake i did lol.. or better yet hopefully its patched by then but figured I'd help get the word out so it can be fixed.

  7. The only bugs i had are sometimes the infected movements are weird and in some cutscenes the npc who's talking to me is invisible but i hear the dialogue. Really odd but the game is great. What should i do to fix these bugs?

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