Destiny 2: The Witch Queen & Season of the Risen Preview

Phil Hornshaw got an early preview at Destiny 2’s upcoming Witch Queen expansion, including a look at the campaign, weapon crafting, and Void 3.0.

Some of the best environments that have ever existed in the Destiny world appeared in the…

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  1. I haven't touched it since Forsaken. How much of the game has been removed or about to get removed for the new expansion? Hate that they get rid of paid content.

  2. Ok so No new Crucible/Gambit maps or Strikes on Mars? No new Legendary High Stat armor other than the Seasonal Armor? No New Content on Mars at all other than the Relic & no Osiris drops or High Stat/God Rolls for Xur & they got the nerve to drop when Eldin Rings & Horizon drops? Yea Bungie can eat a Frank I'm so done with this Game. All those hours/weeks into it & we can't even get the basic updates we want.

  3. It's all trying to look like destiny 1 subclass tree. The stasis subclass tree reminded me so much of the original and very customizable skill tree (Get to pick ults and what attributes you can add with no penalties except using that attribute slot). It's just that they're finding out that people can exploit the skill trees too good. So they're trying to make it a lot like it but adding some "aspects" to basically make it more like the old skill tree, but with slot penalties, and only one type of ult. Like it was broken. I was a sunbreaker with shields and exploding hammers, you could not try me in d1.

  4. The way crafting perks are unlocked is a disappointment. It's the worst way they could have done it, purely grind with no choice or freedom. Same with materials, just mindless grind.

    Why didn't they swap it so materials are farmed by using the weapon and perks are unlocked with deepsight guns?

  5. I was going in and out of Destiny 2 but still enjoying it when I did play it. I had about 3000 hours in D1 and probably as many in D2. Then they made exotic armor locked behind solo legendary lost sectors. Plus it was RNG both in the drop and the perks. That was absolutely the last straw and I've barely played it since. The notion that a core element of the game is locked behind a solo activity that is quite hard at times and that you can spend 20 or 30 minutes clearing it methodically and still not get what you played it for in the first place is just disgusting and antithetical to why I play video games. Until they stop catering to the try hard no lifers, it's just not worth devoting any time to. Which I realize is ironic.

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