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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Preview Impressions | New Gameplay Today

We’re taking a deep dive into Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and discussing all the new features fans should be excited for in this fresh episode of New Gameplay Today!

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  1. GameInformer coming in clutch with all the gameplay. Still have all my game informer magazines from early 2000's. I remember one of my best memories growing up was my mom giving me these magazines filled with games I had no way of buying lol. Nevertheless looking through them filled me with excitement. Hopefully the magazine is still ongoing, cant wait to subscribe to it now that im an adult and have my own income, oh how time flies.

  2. shiii after seeing the elden ring info u guys might as well drop it all for destiny as well. also i feel bad fr them having to go against the most anticipated game for 2 years straight

  3. I am playing this game on PS5, trying to see what so many players see in it. So far i am not impressed. I mean graphics are ok on oled but that is it. I will play more this week but i do not see anything interesting so far.

  4. You guys are the ones who sold Destiny 1 to me via your full coverage issue back in the ps4 days. I still play it to the day . Bungie owes you guys money.

  5. okay have to say you guys are dead wrong about bungie being "good at onboarding new folks", arguably one of the few major flaws with destiny right now is the complex new player experience, introducing them to all the different activities and systems the game has in place. I had to explain literally everything to my friend while he started, which I'm glad I could do, but lets not outright lie about what bungie does best

  6. Nobody plays videogames anymore go lift weights bro pathetic who cares lmao

    God Im so excited cant wait for the day one raid!

  7. Nah man Destiny 2 died at Curse of Osiris. The other expansions had their fun to them but nothing will compare to The Taken King in D1. That was Destiny at its peak.

  8. What a pathetic group of people in the comments. I'm here to watch gameplay about this new dlc and discuss it with others and the majority of what I see are kids giving the weakest examples as to why the game is "bad." Nobody cares. Why are you here? Either discuss the video or don't leave a comment

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