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Dawn of the Monsters | New Gameplay Today

Join us on this fresh episode of New Gameplay Today where Marcus and Stadnik are joined by Tom McCall, lead designer at 13AM Games, to break down Dawn of the Monsters, an exciting new indie beat ’em up!

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  1. Didn’t we used to have a Godzilla fighter where you could like pillage through a full scale 3D city, destroy or pull buildings and use them for damage and stuff? (And no, not the mock-up monsters on PS2. That 1 was just awful!) Whatever happened to those? Honestly would love something closer to those, large cities but not just an empty monsters fight. Would definitely have to have the Rampage elements, like mass traffic jams/crashes, building fires/damage, copters and all types of security attacking, etc, all the classic elements.

  2. These kinds of games are fun for 15 min, then i turn them off to never play again. Not enough depth, and theyve been done 1000 times before just with different skins and names. Just my opinion

  3. I hope to see maybe four more monsters? I love the game and how it looks. And I know it might be a challenge for future dlc. But I’ll buy it when it’s done. And maybe buy it to enjoy the feeling of fighting monsters.

  4. Awesome to see this game is coming along was on the discord server trying to give advice. Glad they listened! But still think the game needs more dragon type characters.

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