Cyberpunk 2077 Next Gen Update Launch Trailer

Check out the all new Cyberpunk 2077 Next-Gen Update launch trailer. This new update improves the performance to match the …

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  1. I completed Cyberpunk back shortly after launch, a few bugs here and there [PC] but was fully playable and loved every moment of it. I finished one ending and accepted that as the only outcome, now I might start over from scratch with this new update. Amazing

  2. I got 300 hours into the game and enjoyed it very much, played through it 3 times never finished the 4th. It got a bit stale after a while, but a new update with new items and features means I guess it’s time for another play through.

  3. Game was freaking great before this as well. I played it on launch and did well over 100 hours and did all endings and it is still one of my favourite games. I was one of the lucky few who had no issues with the game at all. I’m hoping people who just listened to the negativity give it a try now because it truly is a great game and story.

  4. I bought a PS5 and the PS4 version for 20 euros and haven't played it yet because it didn't look good due to the bugs and the videos I've seen so far and I've been waiting for the PS5 upgrade to appear. It was really worth the wait, it looks wonderful now, I'm really excited. Can someone tell me the name of the song in this trailer?

  5. Ps5 player here. The game is still a mess. It feels much much worse. I have encountered many more and more game impacting bugs than the previous version. The only thing that doesn't seem to happen any more after 6 hours is the hard crash. And I definitely don't feel anything next gen about it, except the dualsense controls. The ray tracing mode makes the game look a tiny bit better but makes the game feel very slow and heavy. As if it runs on 10fps and not 30.

  6. Pro tip to everyone who exaggerates on how bad Cyberpunk is: don't pre-order epic open world RPGs to play on outdated hardware. Do the smart thing like me and wait for reviews and patches. You'll come out of the situation happy with the product, rather than holding an irrational grudge.

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