Cyberpunk 2077 — Next-Gen Gameplay (4K) | PlayStation 5

Check out the newly debuted next-gen gameplay for Cyberpunk 2077 coming to both next-gen consoles (Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X). This gameplay for Cyberpunk 2077 is officially on the Playstation 5 (PS5) console.

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  1. Although rough round the edges, I absolutely loved my 1st play through as Street Kid (started on Xbox one then finished on series s). Bought a PS5 and a cheap physical copy and resisted the urge to go through it again until the next gen patch came out. Can’t wait for my corpo playthrough now 😁

  2. I'm glad that console players can now properly play this game and experience the great aspects of it. It never should have been released on last gen tbh.

    On the surface it has beautiful graphics, music, and immersive characters. Stay for the story and main campaign, and have fun doing some of the side quests that affect the ending.

    If you expect all of the smaller side quests and locations to be of the same quality, temper your expectations. The campaign is the real ride.

  3. 60 fps 4k is impressive. On my pc (rtx 3070) getting around 60 fps with such a good quality will take a lot of time to set if it's even possible. One of the best parts of the ps5 60fps is no drops to 50 or 55 like on pc that shows constantly.

  4. NPCs are still janky. Clusters of them bumping into each other and moving unnaturally. Daytime has MUCH more car traffic than night where there are hardly any cars on the street.

  5. I think CDPR should ditch this game soon and go back to fantasy RPGs. They were excellent at that. And please CDPR stick to 3rd person for RPGs.

  6. Definitely looks old on the series s but I kids wish I got I for my ps5 to take advantage of the 60 fps. I’m ist to far in the game to start over lol

  7. Super hyped. Downloading it right now for ps5. Saw a comment on CP2077 page that someone's xbox supposedly crashed due to overheating playing with Raytracing. Not sure if true. Also claims the console had plenty of ventilation and it never happened before

  8. Sadly they did not fix the auto scroll on PS5. Every menu still Scrolls up when I go down it. I don't think it's the controller. Because it only happens in this game.

  9. 2 playthroughs both on series s ( female streetkid & male corpo) before the next gen patch absolouletly loved the game even got all 4 endings think it's time to 100% this game and get the plat then I'll do a fresh nomad playthrough sometime in the future

  10. For anyone thinking of getting this for the first time, I would hold off until it goes down in price. Don't get me wrong, Cyberpunk is a fun game but it's also extremely flawed and messy. I put in just over 400 hours at launch on PC and though I loved the look of the game and found the combat really fun, those 400 hours was spent restarting the game to get a new build or new look for my main and doing everything in the game.

    If you're looking for a challenge, this game won't offer it if you know what to do, there's no real "Class" system or build, you can use every weapon in the game and build it so you're godlike, literally if you play shotgun and Katana. The ending was also very disappointing as the fans were selling it to me as being this very difficult slog but…the game doesn't level with you so once you've done all the content it's easy mode, even on the hardest difficulty.

    I will be going back to the game when the devs fix it (or the modding community does) as despite it's flaws, I can't say I didn't have fun playing it or that it wasn't memorable (sometimes for the wrong reasons) you're just buying a somewhat broken, unfinished game that looks amazing.

  11. World is empty. each character is just given an animated sequence and it is moving with those keyframes. World doesn't seems to be living. no birds, dogs, insects or dirt, wind.. nothing.
    no one is saying anything, no one is talking. just random models put here and there. graphics doesn't make good games, gameplay does. Huge money flow on marketing will not make the game popular.
    Learn from Red Dead Redemption 2. Story is weak but environment seems to be living in that game.

  12. I can't stress enough how much I regretted buying at launch. Should've played it in this state with lower disc price

  13. Next gen is more detailed then a game called star citizen also it’s running waaaah smoother then any other game out right now including BOF2042 we should have just waited for this

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