CD Projekt RED Developer Livestream (Cyberpunk 2077)

Tune in for a special livestream from Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt RED to “talk things”. Will we finally get an update on the long awaited Cyberpunk 2077 next-gen console versions for PS5 and Xbox Series?

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  1. 60 fps xbox series s 🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩☹☹☹🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  2. I will wait for patch 2.0.

    And I have finished the game before and enjoyed it, But no reason to replay yet. Can't believe this was supposed to come out two years ago. In April 2020, It's more a 2024 game, considering what they promised, and what has so far been done.

    I can't believe this game was first announced in May 2012. It's just with all the cut features and with no major DLC yet, it all shows how ''not ready'' this game was. Remember that tease from like 2014 when it said ''when it is ready''. It screamed quality, and yeah, well, it wasn't. I like Deus Ex, so I still enjoyed it. But it is really lacking in the rpg elements, the finer details. I hope they fix it, for the fans.

    But it was borderline false advertising.

  3. bonjour, j'adore vos jeux et leurs univers mais il faut arreter votre comm' car je ne veux pas etre mechant…mais vous n'etes pas bon !!! vous savez que vous etes attendu au tournant et votre video est molle ,sans action avec des bugs (persos figés dans le club) et vous avez l'air d'etre en extase !!! Franchement ce livestream etait tres genant !!! bon courage.

  4. There are tons of issues need to be addressed, fixed, improved. And GTA6 is on its way, 2077 is still far behind the GTA5, not much time left for CDPR.

  5. When I played on release on pc, it wasn’t too bad. Finished one play through at 160 hours. Can’t say I didn’t get my money’s worth. I’m still disappointed but the lack of choices you really had. The 3 life paths are the same game. I suggest they make a dlc of V and Jackie’s early days – the part of the game from the beginning that was unplayable.

  6. Will this ever be playable on the PS4 pro? Does anyone know? I’m aware there are major updates but I’m not sure how much that benefits the PS4 version. The disappointment I experienced when this was released is immeasurable. I feel like they just left us behind. I have no interest in playing this until it’s a fully playable game.

  7. this stream doesn't do justice to how much better game actually plays now. The cars feel way more weighty, the dual sense support is great. faster loanad times too. Also, if you don't already own the game, they are offering a 5 hour demo right now, and the next gen versions are on sale for $25

  8. Dear CDP guys I can finally enjoy the game as I expected 15 months ago. Just one thing I would love in the future – an option to choose between the 3rd and the 1st person perspective. Please 🙏

  9. I used to love this developer.
    Now that it’s clear they are just like the other major developers, profit over honesty, I don’t.
    And this constant need to showcase Keanu Reeves lol. Obviously an attempt to overcome their own identity.

  10. thanks for breaking the game with your 1.50 update, won't load, won't open, and asking me to delete the file and reload the whole game. have you thought about fixing a game so it works better or is this it?

  11. New game plus is what I wish would happen soon. Makes the game when you can play and enjoy rather than focus mainly on building character and grinding recourses. Just play and enjoy all the content of the story.

  12. Look at 32:25?!?!? How does the
    developer have glitches happening live as they play this?!? Completely Unacceptable, get your s*** together before you put more updates on the PS4 to make it even more unplayable. 🙄 I love the look and the story but I have to constantly save to make sure I don't lose what I just did, or in the middle of. Right in the middle of a mission and freeze. I have no problem in waiting for GOOD finish product at all.

  13. I'd look forward if they would add MaxTac as an escalation level to the police (just saw them once, in the beginning in a driving cutscene). Also that military medics group could engage more often to beef combat up – because you never know who has platinum insurance? Thats introduced in the beginning of the game and is actually lacking.

  14. Game still does not start for owners of physical copy on ps4. Ppl
    started thread about it on their forum. With communication next to non
    existent, ppl started to report this issue with Sony. CDPR replied with
    closing the thread. Bravo CDPR. rep – 1000

  15. Now all I have to wait on is a PS4 getting a fix for the 1.5 patch data corruption… Meanwhile I'm looking to get my new birthday present the PS5.

  16. pc needs optimizing js 1650 super and im not 60 fps u can say thats my problem but look at any other game 144hz 144fps warzone were asking for 60 flat

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