8 Minutes Of Elden Ring Running On Steam Deck

How does FromSoftware’s latest run on Valve’s new portable PC? Take a look for yourself!

Elden Ring and Steam Deck share a launch date, so of course we had to know how the game looks and runs on the system. We set the game to medium graphic…

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  1. the power draw is disappointing though, the whole system can use over 20W and it will only last for 2 hours. Switch can run Breath of the Wild for over 3 hours that means it uses a little over 5W and both systems have 720p screens. and PS Vita only had half the battery capacity of Switch, the handhelds are getting bulkier and bulkier

  2. If this blows your mind, just wait until someone figures out how to put a rtx3080 inside one of this and make it work with stable temperatures

  3. Am i the only one who is going to use the steam deck pretty much exclusively at home? I dont really take games out with me and i just think its easier than sitting at my laptop to play something

  4. I really want to play this game badly if the steam deck were to release in my country it may hopefully be the cheapest way for me to play the game less it falls victim to scalping then Rip.

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