7 Reasons Elden Ring Should be Your First Soulsborne

Still immune to the charms of FromSoftware’s iconic and influential ‘Soulsborne’ games? We’ve got seven incredibly good reasons why Elden Ring is the game to finally change your mind. (Presented by BANDAI NAMCO)

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  1. I like this video but it is not a 7 reasons why elden ring should be your first souls , but more like why 7 reasons why it is the easiest one

  2. The one thing that I hope would come back but didn't in a way was Aerial assassination like in sekiro cause when I saw that crouch and jumping mechanics are coming back I thought that would too but apparently it's just the back stab

  3. Booodborne was my first, that's why I don't like dark souls gameplay, they are slow with robotic animations and this dumb roll thing, Elden Ring has the same thing, but its for sure a great deal for those who like it..

  4. Never played a souls game but i love exploration in games thats my number 1 thing in gaming, exploration. But the gameplay….. please be honest. Is the gameplay dodge attack learn attacks from enemy etc. Cause that gameplay kills me slowly . Is the gameplay dark souls or is is something new?

  5. Once you play Elden Ring first, it would be hard for you to enjoy the other souls like game. My experience was I played Bloodborne first and it was freaking awesome. Tried to play DS trilogy and I can't even play for an hour without getting bored. I thought Sekiro and Nioh Doulogy can change it but still those games are less enjoyable compared to BB.

  6. I suspect this is going to be From Software best selling game because they are getting all the fans who are sure to buy and then people like me and you who avoided these games. The reason I and many are getting this game is because of the open world. It is still hard but at least now you have the option to like RUN AWAY and fight them another time.

  7. The game looks soo bad on my PS5 out of all next gen standards and expectations, Demons Souls for PS5 is far better looking, can't stand Elden Ring's look especially buildings and it's repetitive textures and proportions as person from art school trained for viewing cant look at it 5-6 minutes, start it and must turn off that ugliest popular game I'm feeling CHEATED by uneducated YouTubers and reviewers which do not respect 2022 standards and our free time

  8. If you play it single no summons and only melee build it’s one of the hardest soulsborne games but that’s what I like about these games !

  9. Ooooo thay added a map yea that really made the game easier. It is interesting how all the mobs in the game move in slow-motion but when they Attack you seem to get stun locked to the point you can't even pop a potion. And it seems any larger mobs seem to just about 1 shot everything.

  10. I Disagree @GameSpot your first souls game should be Demons Souls, then Dark Souls 1,2,3 then Elden ring . not newest first ….. that like watching a Tv series finale 1st then watching from the start …….my 6th souldborne game and I cant wait to invade new players and collect there tears LOL we do drink them for health now HHAHAHAHHAHAH

  11. 1. Reason to avoid buying. Digital foundry suggests to skip this game until its fixed. all 10/10 reviews are lies from hypocritical journalists. game is broken just like cyberpunk and yet gamers r jizzing all over it.

  12. Let me just say, this game is pure stress and only for masochists. It’s depressing and unbelievably difficult. I couldn’t get 5 min past the tutorial.

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