20 Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Similar to the original Dying Light, Techland has packed Dying Light 2: Stay Human with a lot of secrets for fans to uncover. Here are 20 easter eggs you may have missed. 

In this video, we’re going over a few of the easter eggs sprinkled…

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  1. there is actually 2 references to back to the future. one is the parkour challenge found in that car trunk and the other is hidden in the tower of the smaller church that is close to the big cathedral. it even has a note that references Emmet "Doc" Brown.

  2. 2:53 again the popular, beloved, headless hero appears.
    Now the question is who is the stranger with a head in the ending that steals his glory?

  3. 0:53 how is this an Easter egg? It's a blatant reference to the original protagonist in the first game, it's not hidden at all. You should've showed the Easter Egg at this part where if you wait long enough, your partner will start playing the Dying Light 1 theme on the piano.

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