14 Biggest Game Releases for March 2022

Similar to February, March is stacked with great game releases. In this video, DeVante talks about the 14 biggest game releases heading our way this month.

With March, depending on your place on Earth, comes Spring weather! But no matter where…

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  1. Ergh…

    Gamespot: "every new game is super exciting and we're superpumped for every single release because we're both terrified of upsetting a studio ( like the Escapist: Sony no longer send them codes because Yahtzee once said a bad thing 😢) and we want to be super relevant in gaming even though we… Just… Arnt. Because we haven't got a single heavy-weight opinion writer working for us… We just employ gurningly happy people.

  2. I just want my friendly neighbour hood, silt, sons of the forest, the long dark chapter 5, the day before…and lots more games for this year

  3. Babylon’s Fall’s release timing is just unfortunate. I can’t imagine anyone picking it up day one over Horizon or Elden Ring. It is doomed to be a game people will buy after it gets discounted.

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