13 New Things We Learned About Elden Ring

GameSpot’s very own Dave Klein, or DaveControl, had a chance to play past Elden Ring’s Network Test, with a 7 hour hands-on experience. From traveling past Limgrave, through Stormveil, past Godrick, and into Liurna, here are some Elden Ring…

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  1. Thanks for checking this out! – we also have a discussion video coming out soon where I go a little more in-depth about certain elements. That said, I’m also trying to be super cognizant of spoilers.

  2. I've never played any Souls-bourne games before but this game really is pulling me in. I played Nioh 2 and was quickly turned away from the difficulty. I really hope this is just a bit easy on the difficulty so that I can get to experience this masterpiece

  3. I've noticed no one has mentioned covenants yet. Which is very interesting I don't doubt they'll be in the game but odd no one has encountered any yet especially with a 6 hour game time of what is essentially the final build.

  4. So does Elden Ring have a story/narrative (like how Code Vein has a story)

    Or is it purely like Dark Souls where any 'story' is told in the form of random lootable texts that some people never remember to read.

  5. I also hope this game does justice to other weapons types like bows, whips, magic, fist/claws, etc. Some games in the past have done fair with them others not so much. I hope they've been done well.
    Edited part:
    Like one thing I hope from soft is taking notice of if off other soul likes, such as nioh for example nioh for one utilizes their weapons very well giving multiple looks of each type, giving good amount of moves to each, and their all useful in doing damage. I hope they use those criticisms and different features in souls slikes to make their own games better

  6. I've played every Dark souls as a Guts build to begin but im playing this as a quick wind attacking Serpico build some of the things i have seen seem perfect for it

  7. I've never played a Dark Souls-type game because of the difficulty and that I want to enjoy a game that I'm playing, but I'm actually excited about this one and may pick it up – especially since it has coop.

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