Xbox Game Pass Games Not To Miss

The Game Pass catalogue continues to grow new games like Rainbow Six Extraction, and some recent classics like the HITMAN Trilogy.

There’s a lot of games to play on Xbox Game Pass, and with its catalog ever-growing, it can be a lot to keep…

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  1. Mass effect, and all 3 hitmans in the hitman 3 engine, are 100s of hours of gaming by themselves, gamepass is insane and i have played more small titles since having it then i ever have combined before gamepass. There are several really good metroidvanias as well.

  2. I've legit gotten about 40k gamerscore off gamepass so far, on the road to 100k baby. that alone should tell you the value. honestly can't wait for day one blizzard games next year and beyond mm mm mm.

  3. Thanks for this, imagine you get to play all of this for $15/month. Makes me explore new games genres I would have otherwise not invested any of my time into.

  4. How can you forget 12 minutes! That game was awesome especially with Willem Dafoe, Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy an incredible cast from amazing movies. Cannot forget about that game. ??

  5. What's the point, most games don't stay longer than 3 months hence save files mean nothing, and it's not like anyone can play 25 through games per month, it's not a good value considering how cheap games can get on steam during sales

  6. I usually never comment on YouTube videos but now I have to. I discovered Firewatch through this video. And boy I loved it. Brilliant game, had me completely immersed in its beautiful world. I highly recommend it. If not for this video I would've never checked the game out. Hopefully Microsoft keeps adding more indie games to Game pass.

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