Xbox Buys Activision Blizzard For Tons Of Money, Bobby Kotick To Leave in 2023 | GameSpot News

Microsoft has now officially announced it has acquired Activision Blizzard in a deal said to be valued at nearly $70 billion. The companies have agreed that Bobby will depart once the deal closes.

In this video, DeVante talks about Microsoft…

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  1. Metapoop. This is a bubble that is going to pop big time. Second life has been around for years and it never really caught on. This won't either. MS will sell this for $4 million dollars in five years.

  2. जो अपने खूबसूरत प्यारीआंखो से मेरा पढ़ राहा है भगवान उनके माता पिता का उम्र लम्बी हो है जाय 🙏❤️🌷👍🌹🧘💯🙏🌷🌹🌷🌹🧘

  3. Great news! Gamepass is just Amazing. Sony should be worried. Hard to see how they compete against the Beast MS is building. Can see the likes of Tencent buying Sony at some point. Sony just don’t have the cash to compete with MS. Not even close. Tencent has a better chance. Reality.

  4. The thought of turning on your Xbox loading GAMEPASS and going to the “Recently Added” section and see over 15 COD titles 🤯 … Just let me get the O.G. Blackops. Incredible

  5. What I hope to see from this is new IPs from these studios, CoD games being released every 5 years and sequels to some of Blizzard’s stagnant titles. I know CoD sells but we don’t need a new one every year.

  6. Honestly i wonder if getting too big is a good idea when things get too big it becomes harder to control the direction of the company efficiently, you might have a Microsoft bureaucracy.

  7. Independently of Activision state, this is bad for gaming in general. MS will become the Disney of gaming if they continue buying these major publishers. A monopoly was NEVER good, EVER! How can people even be sheering for this baffles me. Fanboys and nothin else

  8. Crash blocked from All-Stars 2 stings significantly worse than Xbox exclusive Crash games. Now its like danm, I guess All-Stars really is never happening if that's the case.

  9. Play on all platforms but main Xbox…

    Sony is going to be just fine. I don't think they have anything to worry about. So long as they focus on their strengths and continue to grow they should be just fine.

    There is more than enough room for both companies to further blossom and thrive. It doesn't have to be one or the other. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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