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Xbox Activision Reactions And Rainbow Six Extraction | GI Show

On this week’s monumental episode of The GI Show, we’re breaking down the latest news from Xbox’s acquisition of Activision. We’re also diving into our thoughts on our time going hands-on with Rainbow Six Extraction, Nobody Saves The World,…

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  1. Xbox landed a huge uppercut this week. PlayStation will be fine, they won’t be thinking about this when Forbidden West is selling like hotcakes next month, but long term this is gonna hurt. No Diablo on PlayStation hurts me the most.

  2. As an esports fan i hope they end OWL and CDL and eventhough it might not be as much money for the winners.. the amount of competition will be way higher

  3. On the 35 Min question: I've bought a few indies after playing them on there.. the ones I immediately remember are; Ikenfell, HollowKnight, and Katana Zero. Sometimes one of those games impresses you so much that you just gotta give them more money.

  4. The introduction says click the link in the description to learn more about what's happening with the Activision blizzard lawsuits but there is no related link 🤨

  5. CoD is HUGE even if you don't like it, dude. I don't play them either but just like with Fortnite, which I also don't play, these games are huge. Diablo 4, Overwatch 2, CoD 2023, WoW possibly coming to Xbox, etc are all huge deals.

  6. The knowledge gap with this new crew is silly, especially on the game informer podcast. Long time listener, but since Ben and most of the original crew left or got the boot, I have to give this podcast a viking funeral.

  7. I wonder how long Microsoft has been in talks with Activision-Blizzard about the acquisition. I wouldn't be surprised if somehow Microsoft helped the sexual harrasment issues and stuff reach the heights where they are at right now so the price of A-B drops so they can buy it. What if all this gets out and Microsoft falls. Now THAT would be epic, seeing a giant like MS fall…

  8. Last week Ben mentioned a Batman beat ‘‘em up arcade game that he wasn’t sure actually existed. I actually have the game on an emulated arcade machine I have. It’s real Ben and it’s not bad for an old game. There’s also a Superman on too that’s okay.

  9. If Microsoft makes Call of Duty its exclusive Sony will be in deep trouble. And Microsoft will make sure the franchise is locked Fort Knox tight under XBOX brand because you know, 81 BILLION DOLLARS.

  10. Until MS stop making consoles there will never be gamepass on playstation… Why would i ever buy an Xbox when i can get say a PS6 that plays all sony exclusives plus all MS exlcusives via gamepass…? There would literally be no need for anyone to ever buy an Xbox ever again lol… So no i dont ever see that happening… As for exclusives themselves get ready, yes once all current contracts have been met everything from that point will be exclusive for sure… Only games that already out and coming out in the next 2 years or so are safe for now at least.. Its the same thing they have done with Bethesda so there is precidence… As for the price of gamepass – i think it will go up to 15 a month for gamepass/gold together and then 20 a month for gamepass ultimate and maybe ultimate also gives you the benifits of being subbed to ESO and Wow for example… But i dont think this will happen until the deal is sealed so another 18 months or so…

  11. I just don't see gamepass on PS5 happening.
    First off, people won't ever subscribe to Spartacus if that's the case, and probably not even PS plus to some extent. Also it completely obliterates Xbox as a product and would shift the primary revenue to Playstation which would be significantly lesser for MS. A very desperate and dumb move tbh.

  12. Noone cares about the Activision Blizzard investigation, you don't need to play that message everytime you talk about Acti/Blizzard. As you can tell Microsoft didn't care when they offered 70 billion to them. That's not a deal that happens on the spot, talks where going on for a while so like I said Microsoft doesn't care. If anything it helped them here as it brought the price down if anything.

    Life is hard as is, talk about games and gaming news.

  13. I might be alone being excited for this, but Microsoft buying Activision opens up the possibility that Brütal Legend returns! I know Double Fine and Schaefer will have to warm up to the idea but it frees up the IP side of things.

  14. How much did Microsoft and Xbox pay GI for this?! You guys are all knowledgeable and great to listen to—but the punch pulling and reel-it-ins are atrocious. You guys tiptoe around saying anything bad about Microsoft and generally put them on a pedestal. You’re one step away from dropping an affiliate link to buying game pass. Make it less obvious.

  15. How come you Americans always forget about the PC, me as a PC gamer, I couldn't be more happy with this, I hope first thing MS does is separate Activision from Blizzard, and have Blizzard focus on PC games again (Warcraft4, Starcraft 3, etc)

  16. I did I played Halo MCC on gamepass, and later I bought it on Steam… so. You AGAIN console peasants forget that MS is putting games on Steam… so that is another ballgame.

    there is so many millions of people gaming on steam, even more than xbox series x being sold RIGHT NOW,

  17. Big corporations getting bigger isn't good for anybody except the shareholders.
    Edit: hopefully by the next recession Microsoft will now be big enough for us the taxpayers to bail them out!

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