The Real History Behind The Witcher’s Silver Sword – Loadout

If you’ve played, read or watched The Witcher, you’ll know that Geralt of Rivia carries 2 swords. A steel sword for non-magic folk, and a silver sword for supernatural creatures and things that go bump in the night. But why a silver sword?…

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  1. Hi friends! Thanks for watching!
    Just a heads up – this is a re-upload of the same Silver Sword episode you may have seen a few days ago. We had a couple of things to iron out but the content is very much the same!

    Whether this is your first time seeing this pop up or not though, I hope you enjoy the episode <3

    Dave xxx

  2. Let's have that sword guy react to pop culture swords like Jonathan and the guns. Like show him some dark souls swords. Maybe see what he thinks about dragonslayer from berserk. I'd love to see some videos like that

  3. Silver is a purification metal going back to early Christianity such as Gold as Gold was used to make the arch of the covenant in Judaism, but silver is primarily Christian.
    In the Witcher series it's a steel sword with a silver coating but it's not said as far as I know as to the thickness of the silver vs steel, then the elephant in the room it also has magic infused in the core of the sword.
    We all a know a pure silver can't actually exist in the contents of battle but coated steel sword maybe, Shad spoke about this believe.

  4. The silver sword is only for a certain few monsters, that's just something they introduced in the games. His steel sword is made out of meteor steel and that's what he uses for most enemies.

  5. Hey, could you do a loadout for flintlocks?
    Vermintide has a character that supposedly carries 45 of the pistol kind, I'd be interested to know how feasible that could be

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