The Elder Scrolls Online Global Reveal Livestream

Learn about The Elder Scrolls Online’s next big adventure! Discover the new lands, characters, and dangers coming to Tamriel in 2022.

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  1. Thanks for the hard work to bring us more stories in ESO. I've played it off and on for years and still haven't seen all the stories.

  2. I got ESO for free. I didnt like it. It felt like a half baked skyrim imitation.

    Just make a proper multiplayer mod for skyrim and not some elder scrolls 76 game.

  3. Talk about giving the players what they don't want. I can see why the forums & Reddit are so full of people slamming ZOS right now…

    Laziness & greed and once again, complete ignorance towards the 'people that make the game what it is'

  4. मरने के बाद भी जिसके नाम मे जान हैं, ऐसे जाबाज सैनिक हमारे भारत के शान हैं देश के उन वीर जवानों को सलाम जय हिन्द Jai hind ????

  5. ? Sad Love Shayari ? मत हो उदास, उससे कभी बात भी होगी। ज़िंदगी रही तो मुलाकात भी होगी।

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