The Biggest Games of 2022

2022 is shaping up to be an unbelievably exciting year in video games. Fromsoftware, creator of Dark Souls and Sekiro’s hotly anticipated Elden Ring is on its way, Nintendo’s sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Bethesda, creator of…

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  1. If Marvel midnight suns has the the modding option that xcom has the modding community from xcom will make that and endless journey of a game

  2. Yeah… I would say nice list… but you forgot about GT7… people are waiting for it for almost 9 years (since GT6) and it's one of thw biggest game franchises… and you still didn't put it on the list ?

  3. Really excited for Pokémon legends Arceus, BOTW2, Splatoon 3, and Starfield. Probably All I’ll save up for this year but also probably Horizon: Forbidden West.

  4. I hope in starfield you can find derelict ships and escape pods, and in one of them frozen in ice is preston garvey….. you know you shouldn't wake him from his cryosleep, so you do the next best thing, launch his pod into the sun.

  5. Can I ask where’s stalker 2? I mean csg game world doesn’t exactly have a good history with game release dates but I think it’s still coming out in 2022, probably?

  6. What planet were you on in 2021 lady? Any gamer worth his salt will tell you that nothing good has come out since RDR2! There have been NO Bangers at all in 2021!!

  7. I hope horizon forbidden west ' melee combat is more significant. I finished zero dawn on pc. I have my ps5 for about a month now and its still hard for me to aim, being a mouse and keyboard guy for years. I love horizon's plot and concept.

  8. My list rn are, BOTW 2, Granblue Fantasy Relink, Forspoken, GOWR, FFXVI and FFVII Part 2. I seriously don’t know if I want Elden Ring.

    I didn’t find Dark Souls fun… It’s not that I couldn’t beat it… It felt slow and tedious to me.

    I think I’ll just wait for a playthrough first.

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