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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Episode III | Super Replay

Join us for another edition of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Super Replay! This week, Dan, Marcus, and Reiner are joined by TikTok/Twitch star Louie Benson to continue the journey of Cal Kestis!

Missed the livestream? Don’t fret, as you’ll be…

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  1. I have been so tempted to jump back into this, ever since I got a PS5 upgrade. I got really far in it on PS4 Pro, and I want to check it out at 60fps on PS5. But I'm really trying to push myself to play new content instead

  2. Dan Tack is disgusted by ketchup on hot dogs for some reason, but he is also surprised people don't dip fries in their milkshakes… next he'll ask Marcus if he inflates balloons and dips them into bowls of soup and then pops them… wth is wrong with you Dan, are you secretly 10 y/o or something? YOU are the weird one here dude. 😛

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