Razer's New Zephyr Pro Mask Presentation at CES 2022

Check out the Razer Zephyr Pro the new upgraded version of the Zephyr RGB mask with new features. Learn more in this video on what to expect from the product. Learn more from the latest Razer Store Livestream at CES 2022.

Breathe freely and be…

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  1. There's a good chance any store owner that sees you wear this and speak like Bane will think he's about to get robbed.

  2. Cool but how long will the battery last? If I can't get at least 8-10 hours with the lights and fans on, the price isn't worth it.

  3. I’d love to buy. No problem wearing in public. My health first, but I want to watch some real reviews form buyers and demonstrations before I spend $200 bucks on it

  4. Main Problem with the old Version:
    – High Battery usage due to the Mask not saving your RGB setting itself, but needs to be in Bluetooth the whole time. Which also uses your phones battery more than needed.
    Not a word if this is different now.

    Only "COOL" Changes are mentioned.

  5. I kinda like how they mention Project Hazel, which had a microphone from the get-go – only to act as if the addition of the microphone on the Zephyr Pro was an awesome new innovative idea.

  6. The simple fact that companies are actually investing time and money to create these masks should be enough proof that we will probably be forced to wear masks for the rest of our lives.

    Believe me, they would not bother spending time and money creating a product that would become useless for most in a year or two.

    This will NEVER be normal for me.

  7. This feels like more of a tell-don't-show sales pitch and less of an informational video about your updated product.
    Please make cleanable filters for the masks as an option.

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