Rainbow Six Extraction Review

Though progression feels too closely tied to a mediocre challenge system, Rainbow Six Extraction offers fun incursions against a parasitic alien threat and rewards teamwork.

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  1. Great game. Glad its on gamepass otherwise I would of skipped. I dont get the hate and idc, im gonna continue enjoying this game a lot. I dont mind reused assets cos the game seems fresh to me even though I used to play a lot of siege.

  2. Starting the next zone with health you currently have isn't a new or revolutionary idea. This is stardard for alot of games. Don't let big companies confuse you

  3. Pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of different areas, mission types, and the unexpectedly high fun factor. I never would've played it if it wasn't on GamePass (was pretty negative about this game when it was announced), but I'm glad I started it

  4. Got stuck in a game with kids that had no idea.
    Got a 5 minute penalty and operator MIA cause I left before we failed the mission.
    Still fun but ??‍♂️

  5. Been playing this game since it came out…If you get it expect to play it only in Single player mode, NO ONE is online, multiplayer is dead just like Breakpoints and Wildlands…terrible investment and I think Tom Clancy games should re-think how to make games more successful like COD and Destiny

  6. This game is really good, but what's unique is that it is EXTREMELY unforgiving. Because it is Rainbow, it is also far more realistic than any other shooter. This is one of those games which you either have to play alone, or play it with a calm, coordinated team. You will NOT be able to accomplish anything in it if you just run everywhere and shoot anything that moves. Because those things will shoot back, and when they do, you will lose health which you can NOT gain back. The game uses a very realistic health system wherein if your Operator gets damaged in a mission, they will become unavailable to be used in the next (until they recover) which very much encourages stealth. You have to play this game as if YOU were in an Alien Apocalypse, traversing Alien-infected territories, and making every move of yours count. You have to be slow, calm, sneaky, and very much mindful of your surroundings. One little mistake, one wrong call, one bullet missed, and you may just alert a whole horde of Aliens and your mission is gonna require a different approach. This game is mainly getting negative reviews because people don't want to play it how its designed to be played. This is not COD where you can just spray-and-pray or slide-cancel your way out of every objective. You have to be quiet, patient and an absolute professional if you want to achieve full success. If you are mature enough to understand what I've said, then I would highly recommend you try this game. Play it Solo, take it slow, use smoke grenades to cover your advance, exfil when things get tough or you feel overwhelmed, and try to enjoy the approach this game offers. Overall, the game atmosphere is breath-taking, graphics are out of this world, gameplay is smooth, and the soundtracks and background themes are SO GOOD! Ubisoft has outdone themselves this time, and I really REALLY hope this game gets the recognition that it deserves, because it is truly one of the most unique and realistic shooter to be released in a very long time!

  7. Game is surprisingly good so far. Not sure its worth 40 bucks without a campaign or more content but if you have gamepass its a no brainer. I feel like longterm it needs more locations, an endless mode, more unlockables, weapon attachments that effect stats, a battle pass to grind for. As it stands if you like hoard, cod zombies, or stealth games this should be right up your alley. It has a good loop and it just plain fun.

  8. People saying this should be a DLC for Siege need to think of how difficult it would be to add all the unique mechanics and gadgets to an already established game

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