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Rainbow Six Extraction Review – A Strange Encounter (4K Video)

Rainbow Six Extraction converts much of Siege’s content library into an approachable co-op shooter, providing a tense environment for players of all skill levels. However, in a series of industry-defining hits, this installment feels incredibly…

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  1. I wanted to hate it, but i have been having fun. some say it should not have anything to do with r6 n TC but i disagree. I like having a game like this with Swat-like characters that i know in a sci fi setting, but i also like old comic books that did crazy things like this. i dont see it as ruining the TC name or r6 name, its a good unique spin off. that doesnt mean we wont get stuff like siege again. also new splinter cell coming, things are looking a lot better than a few months ago imo

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