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Rainbow Six Extraction | New Gameplay Today

Join Van Aken, Jay, and Stadnik on New Gameplay Today as they show off Rainbow Six Extraction and take on Ubisoft’s latest co-op experience!

Missed the livestream? Don’t fret, as you’ll be able to catch next week’s show live on Twitch at…

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  1. It definitely looks like it will be a fun co-op experience and I will be playing it, but i'm glad it's coming to Game Pass. I don't know if I'd pay full whack for it lol I notice Amazon have it on reduced price already.

  2. My main concern for this is that there is nothing to prevent bland repetitiveness. Someone mentioned The Division near the start, but that would mean having loot and number crunching for characters which I can't see being added. What are people going to chase apart from running higher difficulty? Run and done?

  3. Could you set up a shotgun mic so as you are looking at your display (off to the right), you are speaking directly into that? Then you can mix the shotgun and (omni) mic for a more complete mono channel

  4. I remember when r6 siege event- outbreak came out, I loved it and had fun! I can’t wait for this game, don’t have to worry about DDOS since it’s co-op

  5. I must be the only person upset that it's literally the same game we've had since 2015, only it's a co-op game mode. I wanted a NEW game. Not the same operators, same guns, same engine, a slightly modified UI…I was excited until I saw that it's just Siege with a new game mode.

  6. I would of never played this game or fork the 40$ for this game if it wasn't for gamepass and the friendpass. Guess I'll give it a go now until i get bored of it after a week

  7. Sorry they need to take the RAINBOW SIX name out of these types of games. THIS IS NOT WHAT RB6 is meant to be. Now all the people in the world that dont know the Book and the very first rainbow six's think this is normal.

  8. You da real MVP for sticking it out for 3 hours playing that game and putting it on YouTube. Now I don't have to waste my time installing it.

  9. These games need a lot of extras to not become repetitive. Kinda like resident evil does with the unlockable extra difficulties and weapons. Not mtx not battle pass bs just unlockable through gameplay

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